Yamaha CS-5 Analog Synth Overview

CAUTION: this video is for serious synth geeks, who actually like watching or listening to people just screwing around with an old, analog synth for 20 minutes. Hit “SHOW MORE” for the basic specs on the Yamaha CS-5.

This is sort of like a review, only 30-40 years after the product was released. For being a single oscillator, mono synth, this thing really has some punch for bass, especially with the square wave undergoing some pulse width modulation from the single LFO.

As I explain in the video, this is the first analog, mono synth I ever bought, and it was playing with this synth a few years ago that piqued my interest in analog mono synths again (the OLD kind that don’t require menu diving, and you can’t save the patches).

• Oscillators – 1 VCO with pulse or sawtooth waveforms and noise-gen

• LFO – Yes, with sine, sawtooth, sample and hold

• Filter – 1 filter: 12dB/oct High pass or Low pass; 6dB/oct band-pass

• Effects – None

• Keyboard – 37 keys

• Memory – None

• Control – CV / Gate

• Date Produced – 1978-83

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