Roland System-8 Plug-out Synthesizer Demo

Our resident synth fanatic, Daniel Fisher, takes an extended first look at a prototype of Roland’s System-8 plug-out synthesizer. Daniel first walks through each of the front panel parameters and then plays impromptu riffs on many of the early-version presets.

At the core of this awesome synthesizer is Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior engine, fueling three oscillators across eight voices, all loaded with filters, effects, and a massive array of modulation options. In addition to its amazing internal sound engine, Plug-out technology lets you load up completely different synth engines – JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106 Plug-outs included – and you can switch between three models on the fly. Top it off with an interface that’s both classic and futuristic, split and layered synths, an integrated vocoder, and much more, and the System-8 offers everything a keyboard player could ask for.

Get the Roland System-8 here:…

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