Kebu – Day One / Michael’s Anthem (live at PIUG 2016)

Recorded live at PIUG/PUNT in Parainen, Finland, on the 2nd of April, 2016.

Lights: Sebastian “Baba” Sjöblom
Cameras: Christopher Marins & Kebu
Editing: Kebu

The tunes are also available on my debut album, “To Jupiter and Back”, which can be bought here:


The songs were performed using only analog synthesizers, either played live or sequenced. The performance was recorded directly from the mixer to a stereo track and later mixed together with the ambience from the hall. A couple of bum notes were cut out and replaced with rehearsal takes.

Equipment used in these songs: Yamaha CS-50; Moog Source; Roland Alpha Juno 1&2, Juno 60, TR-808; Korg Micro-Preset M500, PE-2000, Mono/poly, Polysix, Poly 61; Touched-by-sound DRM1, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Akai MPC2500 (only for MIDI sequencing), Yamaha 01V96, Lexicon MPX1, MPX500, MPX550 as well as a midi patchbay and additional preamps for my mixer.

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